We explore the kit chain function on Roland V-Drums and percussion products. Here’s what it does and how it can help you when playing live.

You’re ready for your first gig in quite a while. You’ve put in the hours of practise and you’ve honed your performance. The whole band can perform these songs in your sleep and the gear is prepped. Now, it’s just a matter of holding your nerve.

First song of the set and you’ve got the wrong sound! Panicking, you’re toggling through the kits to find the right one while still trying to play. Your band mates are giving you the eyeballs and you’ve got that sinking feeling. If only there was a way to avoid this mess in the first place: well, there is – and it’s called the kit chain.

Drum kit chain list on the Roland TD-30

What is a kit chain?

All Roland V-Drums and percussion instruments contain multiple kits (called patches). Each kit can be edited and customised to create your own signature sounds. For some, one kit for the entire gig is fine. For others, having access to several kits within a set makes electronics the perfect choice for the gig.

–          A kit chain allows you to store your favourite kits in the order you want to play them
–          You can store multiple kits within a single chain
–          You can have multiple chains, each of which can be named e.g. the name of a specific set list or a particular band
–          Kit chains can be saved and loaded in using USB functionality

Which Roland drum products feature kit chains?

The kit chain function is available on a range of Roland V-Drums and Percussion products:

–          TD-30 V-Drums module/kits (16 chains, 32 kits/steps per chain)
–          SPD-SX Sampling Pad (8 chains, 20 kits/steps per chain)
–          HPD-20 HandSonic Percussion Pad (15 chains, 50 kits/steps per chain)
–          SPD-30 Percussion Pad (8 chains, 20 kits/steps per chain)

Now you know it’s there, it’s time to put the kit chain to use. This simple feature makes playing live far less stressful. You never know, your set list – and your reputation in the band – might just depend on it!

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