The Roland A-01 Controller+Generator is the ultimate controller to add to any music production set up. It is your one-stop controller and generator solution – it offers the flexibility to drive all your MIDI and CV/GATE-equipped analog gear, plus the ability to connect to a huge range of music-making apps, not to mention it is portable and ready to go the moment inspiration strikes! Add on the Roland K-25M Keyboard and you’ve got a pocket-sized synthesizer!

Here’s our top three tips on how to get the most out of the A-01 Controller+Generator.

TIP 1: Control Any Synth

The A-01 can be used to control almost any synthesizer.

  • Hardware Synths:  Control hardware synths using the 5-pin MIDI jack.
  • Software Synths: Software synths on PC or Mac can be controlled using the USB connection.
  • Analog/Modular Synths: Old analog synths or modular systems can be controlled using the CV/Gate outputs.

The A-01 can even control synths on mobile devices using Bluetooth LE! There are four knobs and two ribbons that can be set to any MIDI Control Change number or SysEx, and 16 different control profiles can be saved and recalled from the front panel.

BONUS: Use the A-01 as a MIDI to CV converter to control modular gear from your DAW or full-sized keyboard controller, and send MIDI notes to the A-01 over USB or the MIDI IN jack.


TIP 2: Using the 8-Bit Synthesizer

The synthesizer engine in the A-01 is 8-bit, making it ideal for creating videogame chiptune type sounds. It also works well anytime you would normally use a bit crusher as a sound effect. For example, it works to use the 8-bit synthesizer to create edgy synth lead sounds.  It also sounds amazing for bit crushed acid basslines too!

BONUS: The 8-bit synthesizer in the A-01 is excellent for heavy basslines. Lower the Oct setting for a massive sound, or crank up the resonance and make some acid.


Tip 3: Control Routing

The various control methods can be routed to different destinations. The keyboard, sequencer or a specific MIDI input can be set to control CV/Gate or the internal 8-bit synthesizer. This is useful when performing with the A-01 as your central controller.

BONUS: You can assign the control for the sequencer and CV/Gate in the Patch menu. In controller mode, press the MENU button and select Patch and then scroll down to find the settings.