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Vocoders Explained

  History The vocoder was developed in 1928 by Bell Labs, and first demonstrated in 1939 at the New York World’s Fair. Its intended use was to reduce the bandwidth of voice information, allowing it to be transferred across further distances. However, the voice reproduction of these early systems were not great and they were never used for this purpose. However, they were used to send encoded messages during the second world war.   [embedyt][/embedyt]   How it Works A vocoder works by analysing the sound of a modulator signal, which is usually a human voice. The modulator signal…

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Triggering New Sounds with Drummer Aaron Edgar

“…using hybrid acoustic / electronic drum sets allows you to bring a nearly infinite sonic pallet to the table!”   I remember the first time I plugged one of my RT-30HR triggers into my TM-2. I put it on my snare drum, put my headphones on and started to play. What I heard was my…

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Guide to Building the Ultimate Hybrid Drums Kit

Are you bored with your acoustic sound? Ever thought about building a Hybrid Drum kit? The sky is the limit when you’re using Hybrid Drums! Hybrid Drums take the raw power of acoustic drums, adds the limitless potential of electronics, and gives you a drum kit that gives you the best of both worlds. Check out…

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Beginner’s Guide To Creating Your Own Hybrid Kit

Branching from an acoustic kit to an electronic kit may seem like a daunting task. Modules, sample pads, triggers – where do you start? There are several ways you can make the leap from an acoustic kit to an electronic kit, but if you are just looking to stick your toe in the water before…

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BT-1 Bar Trigger Pad: More sounds. More things to hit. More ways to play.

Drummers are always looking for more … more sounds, more things to hit and more ways to play.  The desire to add things like extra drums, cymbals, and percussion instruments to their set-up has kept music stores open for years!  In recent times, the trend towards including electronic percussion to acoustic kits has increased dramatically…

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How To Accessorize Your V-Drums Kit

  Did you know that you can totally customize the look of your TD-20KX and the TD-30KV V-Drums Kit?         When it comes to accessorizing your V-Drums kit, the sky is the limit!  You can completely customize the look of your V-drums kit to reflect your personality, playing style, or musical genre. How about a traditional marine…