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Roland TB-03 and TR-09: A Classic Pair Resurrected

In the past few years we have seen a huge resurgence in both analog and digital hardware. Eurorack modular synthesizer systems have exploded in popularity and vintage synth prices have skyrocketed.  The tactile experience of using hardware instruments is drawing artists back to tabletops filled with drum machines and synthesizers.   The original Roland TB-303 Bass Line and Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer were a combo that contributed largely to defining the Acid House sounds of the late '80s and early '90s.  They would often be used together live, giving the artist a hands-on workflow that some feel has been lacking…

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EC-10 ELCajon: What is an ‘Electronic Layered’ Cajon?

One of the most basic and traditional percussion instruments is the cajon. Some people call it the “poor man’s drum kit”.  Basically, the cajon is a wooden box. It doesn’t get any simpler than sitting on a box and slapping it with bare hands.  In recent years, music has gone back to the basics with…

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Top 15 Roland Releases of ’15

As we gear up for an exciting 2016, check out our most popular releases of 2015. What were your favourite releases this past year?15. 

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Roland RT-30 Drum Triggers

Back in the day, a drummer’s primary role in a band was to keep time. With triggering and sequencing becoming an increasingly popular part of a band’s sound, drummers have more power than ever to become involved in songwriting, performing and more! Modern drummers have an obligation to step outside the box and go beyond…

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Roland RH-300V Headphones

We all listen to music: it’s all around us. However, the way we listen to music can vary. If you want to connect with the music more deeply, one of the best ways to listen discreetly and without interruption is with the use of headphones. The popularity of headphones and ear buds these days is…

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5 Gift Ideas for the Musician in your life

Stuck on what to get the musician in your life?  Here’s 5 holiday gift ideas to get you started!

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V-Drums Playability and Education Features in an Affordable Entry-Level Kit

Pros, educators, and drum fans everywhere agree—Roland’s V-Drums are second to none in the world of electronic percussion. They sound great, they’re built to last, and they feel great to play, with a musical response that fully supports authentic acoustic playing techniques. Now, the newest member of the respected V-Drums family has substantially raised the bar for entry-level…

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Roland TD4-KP – The all-in-one practice drum kit

As a drummer, the word ‘portable’ probably isn’t in your vocabulary. Sure, you’ve got a great-sounding drumkit, but it’s heavier than an anvil and harder to strip down than a Gatling gun. As such, while your bandmates flit effortlessly between rehearsal sessions and practise their instruments on the fly, you’re tied to the physical location…

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Electronic Drums – Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know the score about electronic drums? Looking for answers, but don’t have the time to scour the forums… or worse, face the trolls when you post a question? Well fret no more. Here are some of the most common questions we get asked about V-Drums – all in one place, and not a…

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Christmas – a guide to buying drums

Adding a new drum kit to your Christmas list this year? Or maybe you need some advice buying for your partner or family? Our guide steers you through the perils and pitfalls and tells you what you need to know to choose the perfect drum kit this Christmas. First of all, you’ll need to know…

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Coming Soon: Roland V-Drums TD-30K Special Edition kit

The Roland TD-30 V-Drums range has expanded with the introduction of a UK exclusive: the TD-30K Special Edition kit. Sitting between the Roland TD-30K and TD-30KV kits, the TD-30K Special Edition offers the kind of performance that real drummers demand, but without the professional price tag. The Roland TD-30 drum module has quickly ascended in…