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How to Craft an Engaging DJ Set That Will Wow Your Crowd

So, you’ve got the basics of DJing down and are looking to record a set. You want to do this to promote yourself and get gigs, or you’re about to play your first show. Here are a few tips to help you create an engaging DJ set and nail it. There are no absolute rights or wrongs with DJ sets and they will differ depending on what genre or kind of event you are playing. A good set is like a story. It has its ups and downs and its twists and turns, while taking your listener through a journey.…


Toronto duo Darcys on gear, influences and how they met

  Darcys on the Roland JU-06 Sound Module   Darcys on the BOSS RE-20 Space Echo & BC-1X Bass Comp   Darcys on the Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad   Darcys on the BOSS VO-1 Vocoder   Darcys on the Roland JC-40 Jazz Chorus Guitar Amplifier


A Chat with Bodhi Jones

Singer-songwriter, Bodhi Jones, discovered his passion for music from a young age and has developed his own unique brand of Alt-pop-Acoustic-rock over the years. Hailing from Saltspring Island, BC, Bodhi has been an active part of the west coast music scene since 2005. He’s recorded five Eps, three full length albums, and sold over 30,000 copies…


A Chat with Phil Western

For decades, the Pacific Northwest has been a cradle for fostering some of the more interesting players in the various electronic music scenes. Vancouver’s Phil Western has been an integral part of that ecosystem. Having started his career as a drummer and eventually as a programmer, Phil became a remix engineer starting in the mid-1990s. After…


Musician of the Month – Nathan McLaren

Born into the dynamic arts community of Perth, Ontario and currently residing in Toronto, Nathan McLaren has had drumsticks in his hands since the age of 3 years old.  The son of two professional musicians and teachers, he was introduced to many idioms of music at a young age. Since then, a percussion jack-of-all-trades, Nathan has been…


Musician of the Month – Austin Warren

For the last 6 years, drumming has been Austin Warren’s passion. Hailing from Calgary, AB, Austin is currently the drummer for the band Cardinal, which is working on an album to be released in early 2015. Austin currently plays a Seven Drumworks kit and a Roland TD-15KS V-Drums kit. “The Roland is the most versatile…


Neil Peart’s Time Machine Hybrid Drum Kit

It’s safe to say- Neil Peart’s Time Machine Drum Kit is the world’s most recognizable hybrid drum kit. This kit is not only an instrument – it’s a work of art. As the drummer for Canadian iconic rock band RUSH, Neil Peart’s drum kit has always been larger than a typical standard-size set.  Over the…


Musician of the Month – Topher Stott

“Never stand still, make connections everywhere you can.” This is what guides Toronto-based drummer/percussionist/producer Topher Stott in his multi-faceted career. An in-demand drummer and percussionist, Topher has performed with Alice Cooper, Richie Sambora, Steve Cropper, Jeff Healey, Earl Slick, Reeves Gabrels, Phillip Sayce, Jarvis Church, Clifton Broadbridge and Classic Albums Live. As a composer and…



With footprints covering Asia, the US, Europe, Australia and other regions, Mayday occupies an unshakable star position in the hearts of Asian music fans. Mayday evolved from ‘So Band’, which was formed by Ashin, Monster and the first drummer in 1995 while they were studying at The Affiliated Senior High School of National Taiwan Normal…


Joel Stouffer from Dragonette stops by to say “Hello”!

Roland caught up recently with Joel Stouffer, drummer with the Canadian electro-pop group Dragonette. We asked Joel to tell us about Dragonette, how he uses V-Drums in live performances all over the world and where he sees the future of drumming headed. How long have you been playing with Dragonette? Since the beginning of time! We formed…


Musician of the Month – Ydna Murd

Ydna Murd (which is Andy Drum backwards!) is a specialist in live Drum and Bass drumming. He is a performer, teacher, author and producer with extensive international touring experience under his belt.  Ydna started playing drums in 1982, living and working in Hamburg, Germany before moving to Victoria B.C. Canada in 2005. Ydna ventured into…