Royal Tyrrell Museum of PalaeontologyThe Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology is Canada’s only museum dedicated to the science of palaeontology, the study of ancient life through the fossil record. It celebrates the history and spectacular diversity of life on Earth—from the tiniest grain of pollen to the mightiest dinosaur. Situated in the rugged badlands just outside of Drumheller, Alberta, the Royal Tyrrell Museum is 135 km away from Calgary, the closest urban centre.

Realizing that many people might never have a chance to visit the Museum in person, the Distance Learning Program was created so that anyone could connect with an expert to learn about Alberta’s prehistory. Initially launched in 2006, the Program has connected to over 45,000 participants in over 1700 programs to Canada, the United States, and around the world!

Royal Tyrrell Museum of PalaeontologyRecently the Royal Tyrrell Museum purchased and installed the Roland VR-50HD live video switcher to produce and webstream their programming. The versatility of the VR-50HD makes is easy to connect multiple video sources from computers, cameras, and mix them together to get content online quickly. Using this state-of-the-art studio, programs can be delivered to anyone—schools, libraries, retirement homes, and homeschools. Connections are made using traditional videoconferencing technology or a high-speed Internet connection. A variety of production methods bring the science of palaeontology to life. Using chromakey on the Roland VR-50HD allows a camera to be placed in front of a green screen so the presenter can step in front of digital media and backgrounds. Connecting an overhead camera the switcher shows fossils up close. Additionally a huge database of multimedia images, videos, and animations loaded on a computer connected to the VR-50HD can supplement answers visually and instantly presented on the web stream or video conference.

Always pushing the technological boundaries, the Roland VR-50HD Video Switcher is a key component for the Royal Tyrrell Museum Distance Learning program. This online learning experience is an interactive and fun way to learn about the mysteries of prehistoric life and to explore Alberta’s incredible palaeontological past.

 VR-50HD: Multi-Format AV Mixer


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For more information about their distance leartning: RTMP Distance Learning Program.


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