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The Roland TD-30 V-Drums range has expanded with the introduction of a UK exclusive: the TD-30K Special Edition kit. Sitting between the Roland TD-30K and TD-30KV kits, the TD-30K Special Edition offers the kind of performance that real drummers demand, but without the professional price tag.

The Roland TD-30 drum module has quickly ascended in popularity among drummers, and is the benchmark by which other electronic drum modules are compared for sound, expressiveness, playability and features.

Like its TD-11 and TD-15 siblings, the TD-30 incorporates the SuperNATURAL sound engine with Behaviour Modelling for a realistic and natural playing experience. SuperNATURAL goes beyond sound: it allows the drummer to make every beat, sticking and ghost note come alive. Or to put it another way, the drums play and feel just how you’d expect them to.

New TD-30 Series line up

Until now, the TD-30 module came in two kit configurations;

– TD-30K. Ideal for home, studio and live work, this kit offers the TD-30 sound and features, but with a more compact stand and pads for easy transport and places where space is a factor.
– TD-30KV. Perfect for professional use and presence on the live stage. The pads and cymbals are bigger and there is an additional tom pad, and the chrome plated touring-tough rack has a larger footprint. Also features pads and cymbals with increased sensitivity for a more natural and accurate response.

But now, specialist dealers will be supplying the new TD-30K Special Edition kit which sits directly between the TD-30K and TD-30KV kits, with a price point between the two.

What do you get with the Special Edition kit?

The TD-30K Special Edition kit (TD-30KSE) combines the best of the TD-30K and TD-30KV kits by using components from both to make a convenient, responsive affordable kit.

  • The VH-13-MG V-Hi-Hats with improved motion sensor for natural hi-hat response
  • PD-128SBC Snare stand mounted V-Pad with improved rim sensor for accurate rim-shot sensing
  • An extra floor tom. The PD-128 V-Pad (originally used for the snare with the TD-30K kit) becomes an additional tom
  • The MDS-12V of a TD-30 set-up with a slightly smaller footprint
  • Uses the same kick and tom pads as the standard TD-30K for a more compact set-up

So, what do you get if you upgrade to the TD-30KV?

The TD-30KV is the flagship V-Drums kit, offering the ultimate experience. In particular, over the TD-30K and TD-30SE kits, the TD-30KV offers:

– Larger diameter V-Cymbals. The 15” ride and 14” crash cymbals are also finished in the new Metallic Grey finish, which match the VH-13-MG hi-hats
– Larger diameter V-Pads with deeper shells for visual presence. The PD-108-BC tom pads are 10”, while the PD-128-BC pads are 12”. All are finished in black chrome.
– Larger diameter kick pad. The KD-140 pad has a larger playing surface for a more natural feel, but also has a look designed to take centre stage. Everyone will know you’re playing a drum kit with the KD-140.
– Improved rim sensor for accurate rim-shot sensing. All pads on the kit feature improved sensitivity for playing those all-important rim shots. If you can play it on an acoustic kit, you can play it on the TD-30KV
– MDS-25 stand. The chrome plated drum rack of the TD-30KV is sturdy and tough, has a larger footprint, and cast clamps for quick, convenient and reliable mounting of components.

Where can you buy a TD-30 Special Edition kit?

As of 1st August, any authorised Roland Dealer that stocks and sells the full TD-30 V-Drums range will be able to supply a TD-30 Special Edition Kit.

Any Roland UK dealer authorised to sell the TD-30 V-Drums range will be able to supply a TD-30 Special Edition kit.

To find your nearest dealer, use our Roland Dealer Locator and search for a TD-30KV stockist.

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