As a drummer, the word ‘portable’ probably isn’t in your vocabulary. Sure, you’ve got a great-sounding drumkit, but it’s heavier than an anvil and harder to strip down than a Gatling gun. As such, while your bandmates flit effortlessly between rehearsal sessions and practise their instruments on the fly, you’re tied to the physical location of your kit. Or so you thought. Here’s our wham-bam guide to the features of the Roland TD4-KP: the ultra-portable, highly affordable, tech-packed electronic drum kit that lets you gig around town, practise when you’re away from your ‘main’ kit, and hone your chops in a hotel room. You could set it up in the time it takes to read this blog post…TD-4KP V-Drums Portable - Electronic Drums | Roland UK

Weighs just 12.5kg, sets up in seconds

Anyone who doesn’t have their own personal road-crew will agree that shifting a full acoustic kit is a back-breaking nightmare. The Roland TD4-KP couldn’t be further from a Bonham-sized behemoth. Genuinely portable, this kit weighs in at just 12.5kg, and has a compact footprint that means you can set it up anywhere from bedroom to backstage area. The TD4-KP lets you bin the Allen keys, too, with a tough fold-up stand design that means you can conjure a full drum kit as easily as putting up an umbrella, then break it down just as fast for storage in a wardrobe, tourbus hold or optional CB-TDP travel case. Roll with the TD4-KP and you can practise and warm up when it suits you – instead of holding fire until you get back to your primary kit.

25 built in drum kits – ready when you are

Just because you’re ‘only’ practising, that doesn’t mean you want to be stuck with a generic thud. Truth is, the more your tone inspires you, the better you’re likely to play, and the TD4-KP packs in enough pro drum sounds to flick anyone’s switch. At the heart of the kit, the TD-4 percussion sound module gives you the choice between 25 kits (comprising a total of 125 instruments) and means you can take on any style from punk to jazz. Go deeper, and the sound module also lets you edit the parameters of those preset drum settings to create your own bespoke tones. Think of the TD4-KP as a warehouse full of classic drum kits, riding shotgun in the van.

A drumkit that doubles as your personal tutor

At the risk of stating the obvious, the whole point of practice is to get better. It can be hard to get inspiration, focus and feedback when you’re banging away solo, but you’re never alone with the TD4-KP. Alongside those killer drum sounds, the TD-4KP module also features the Coach function, with tailor-made exercises to improve your accuracy, timing and endurance. There’s also the Quick Rec/Quick Play feature to let you instantly record, play back and assess your chops, plus sockets for hook-up to an external audio source (eg. iPod/CD/MP3 player) so you can jam along to your favourite tunes between rehearsals with flesh-and-blood bandmates. With features like these, you’ll enjoy your practice sessions – and get more out of them as a result.

Full-size performance from ultra-responsive V-Pads

If you’re thinking that such a portable kit can’t possibly supply heavyweight performance, pull up a stool at the TD4-KP. Not since the Tardis has so much been packed into so little surface-area, with this kit featuring a full lineup of V-Pads and V-Cymbals, all adjustable to suit your posture, and each delivering a response so detailed and natural that even the most sceptical acoustic purist will have their perceptions challenged. It’s a practice kit – made perfect.

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