Back in the day, a drummer’s primary role in a band was to keep time. With triggering and sequencing becoming an increasingly popular part of a band’s sound, drummers have more power than ever to become involved in songwriting, performing and more!

If you can think it, you can trigger it…

Modern drummers have an obligation to step outside the box and go beyond just playing skins and cymbals. There is an increased level of responsibility if a drummer is triggering sounds and loops, but also an opportunity for a significantly stronger performance. In tandem with gear like the Roland TM-2 Trigger Module and the Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad, drummers can now take their playing to the next level with the Roland RT-30 Acoustic Drum Triggers. The sounds and sequences crafted in a studio can now come alive during a performance. Check out this video to see how Charlie Benante of Anthrax incorporates triggers into his kit.

As an audience member, there is the expectation that when a band plays live that they sound the same as their recorded music. The RT-30 Drum Triggers allow for a compact way to grow your sound and layer your kit with audio that will reflect the same sound in your recordings. For example, If you have a very distinct, electronic sounding snare in a recording, and only play an acoustic snare live, there will be a disconnect on the listener’s end. With the Roland RT-30H, one can simply connect the trigger to a module, like the TM-2 Trigger Module or the SPD-SX, and have programmed samples triggered when playing the snare drum. It can be as simple as creating a virtual kit on the TM-2. If you create a kit for each song in a set while you play live, you can effectively have different drum sounds for each song. The possibilities to enhance your live sound are endless.

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Roland’s engineers have crafted the RT-30 Drum Triggers to be a perfect match with the TM-2 Module. The TM-2 features ‘Element’ drum sounds for enhancing your kit’s sound. TM-2 Element sounds are not the complete sound of an instrument, but rather a component of or key element of its tone.  For example, an important part of a bass drum sound is its attack. The attack of a bass drum is key to defining the punctuation of drum beats, particularly important in busy, heavier music like metal. The element sound in the TM-2 helps to bring clarity and definition to the bass drum by supplementing the existing bass drum sound with a complementary tone.

The triggers, combined with the TM-2, are a lightweight, durable and low profile setup ideal for transporting to the studio and on the stage. The RT-30 Drum Triggers come with new grip mounts compatible with most hoops including the new inward curved “S” hoops. Installation of the triggers is simple and straightforward. Additionally the RT-30K features a unique dual-trigger system. The dual-trigger system features super accurate triggering when used with the Roland TD-30, TD-25, or the TM-2. Many bands are now moving towards a hybrid model of sorts, incorporating more and more electronic gear in tandem with their acoustic equipment. Below is an example of a hybrid drum kit using the Roland SPD-SX and several RT-30 Triggers.



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