We all listen to music: it’s all around us. However, the way we listen to music can vary. If you want to connect with the music more deeply, one of the best ways to listen discreetly and without interruption is with the use of headphones. The popularity of headphones and ear buds these days is enormous with many styles available, all with their own specific design in mind, including fashion.

If you’re a musician you’ve probably had a lot of experience using different kinds of headphones, not only for listening during playback but often when playing your instrument as well. For drummers who have played or owned a V-Drums Kit, you already know that they sound amazing, with incredible detail given to every nuance. Because of their impressive dynamic range, the experience of playing on the V-Drums is very authentic.

To achieve that authentic experience with the V-Drums, however, the speaker system that is used plays a critical role and often becomes the weakest link in the chain. With the powerful V-Drums sound and dynamics this is even more critical and so it leads to the necessity of a specifically designed monitoring system dedicated to them.

This is where the Roland RH-300V headphones come in!


Dedicated Design for Producing Drum Sounds

  • Extended frequency response and wide dynamic range optimized for V-Drums
  • Large 50 mm driver unit for reproducing a powerful and punchy drum sound
  • Thick ear pads and head band secure the rich low-frequency of the bass and grip firmly to stay in place
  • Aluminum casing produces a brighter cymbal sound
  • Quick response drivers enhance the attack and pronounces individual notes clearly
  • Closed-back design fits around the ears for excellent isolation from outside noise
  • Can be worn for long periods comfortably
  • Folded design makes them ultra-portable


Did you know? …

The RH-300V headphones are designed to simulate the function of the human ear by providing sound directly to the eardrum, as well as to the areas surrounding the eardrum. These reflections from the outer ear to the inner ear canal enhance positioning and localization of the sounds. This is ideal for creating a natural playing experience behind the drum kit.

The V-Drums sound is powerful and demanding, and puts every speaker system to the test. Weaker monitoring systems struggle and often fail. The RH-300V headphones are designed with the V-Drums in mind, and are the best solution for an authentic playing experience. They will easily become your #1 go-to headphones for all your music listening.

Check ‘em out here – you won’t regret it!


darren thumbnailDarren Schoepp is the Percussion Product Marketing Manager for Roland Canada. Follow Darren on Twitter – @canadavdrumsguy.