Written by Maurits Nienhuis for Roland Canada

Have you ever set up your pedalboard only to find out there’s no power outlet at the front of the stage? Or, you’re ready to noodle on the couch but there’s no power socket nearby?

Well, there’s a solution for that!

For a limited time, BOSS is offering a free Sanyo Pedal Juice with the purchase of a select pedal.

The Pedal Juice contains a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that will be charged in 3.5 hours with the included adaptor. Connect the Pedal Juice to your effects using the daisy chain which is also part of the package. The three-stage power indicator monitors the amount of juice left and, depending on the amount of pedals you have connected, you can use the battery for up to 50 hours. By the way, no need to worry about noise as the power supply is designed to eliminate sounds that some other adapters may cause.

BOSS selected the following effects:


BD-2W Blues Driver

Another classic that earned its spot in the WAZA line of pedals! This unit is able to give you that subtle and bluesy push for your amplifier. The extra “Custom” mode will change the body and sustain your tone. Don’t be fooled by the “Blues”. You can achieve some pretty thick drive sounds with this blue box!


SD-1W Super OverDrive

35 years ago, BOSS made a great move by releasing the SD-1 Super OverDrive. This drive pedal has been popular ever since, and it deserved to be reissued in the WAZA series. BOSS managed to maintain the typical tube-like clipping tones in its “Standard” mode and was also able to add the updated “Custom” mode which offers a wider gain and tonal range. Vintage style and modern sensibility are perfectly combined in this stompbox.


DM-2W Delay

The DM-2W must have been one of the most requested BOSS pedal reissues ever. The original DM-2 was a big hit back in the 80s and it has gained huge popularity since then. The WAZA version houses the components for the iconic warm analog tone which only a real Bucket Brigade Delay can produce. When you’re looking for a killer slapback delay then you’ll find it in its “Standard” mode, and switch to the “Custom” mode If you need that extra delay time for warm and ambient repeats.


VB-2W Vibrato

Do you remember times when vibrato wasn’t a very popular effect? In the past decade you may have come across quite a few pedalboards with VB-2’s on it though. Many guitarists have been expanding their tonal options, and prices for these vintage units skyrocketed, but BOSS had an amazing answer to that with the VB-2W! The pedal reproduces the well-known pitch-shifted vibrato from the original, along with a brand new vibrato mode.


TU-3 Chromatic Tuner

You can have “great tone” but it’ll probably never be enjoyable to listen to when your instrument is not in tune. The TU series has been a standard for many pedalboards and with fast and accurate tuning with a bright display, this is an essential piece of gear.

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