Jessica Beach

Jessica’s connection to music started at a young age, “A church down the street from our house had an old piano in their basement they were giving away. My dad put it in the garage and refinished it. I started playing it when I was 4.” Ultimately it allowed her to channel her creative energy into something productive.

Writing her first song at age five and anxiously tackling the ivories; she enjoyed listening to her family’s record collection and belting out next to Linda Ronstadt on the stereo. “When my brother got me to learn the lyrics to Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd songs because he wanted to play them on guitar, that’s when I knew I wanted to be a musician. We started recording songs on a 4-track tape recorder when I was around 12.”


Having grown up listening to everything from Sam Cooke to Sex Pistols, Jessica’s musical tastes and influences are far-reaching. Her diverse musical exposure is evident in her dynamic song-writing as she strives to carve out her own unique brand of accessible and intelligent pop.

“I try to play every day. I can get very fixated on one song and need to play it every time I sit down. Either something I’m writing or a cover I get obsessed with. Prepping for the studio or rehearsing for a live show, I have to work to a set list to stay focused.”


As a compulsive songstress, Jessica enjoys piano collecting and adding to her catalogue of original songs, “Being able to access vintage keyboard samples, string layers and pads in one board has also expanded my writing and been great for playing live. Portability and feel are what stand out to me about using a Roland keyboard. I like the weighted keys.”

Jessica is currently working on her next album inspired by singing to crying children. She’s also been recording a collection of covers from some of her favourite writers, which she hopes to release in support of MusicHeals (


Despite her secret desire to be stranded on a deserted island with Tom Waits, a piano and a case of Lagavulin, Jessica currently calls Canada home.


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