Ydna Murd (which is Andy Drum backwards!) is a specialist in live Drum and Bass drumming. He is a performer, teacher, author and producer with extensive international touring experience under his belt.  Ydna started playing drums in 1982, living and working in Hamburg, Germany before moving to Victoria B.C. Canada in 2005.

Ydna ventured into the Live DJ world working to deliver a stellar mix of Drum and Bass, Neurofunk, Hip Hop and Dubstep sounds sure to move the dance floor. His live performance is unique and eclectic, the energy coming of his rig is infectious. His controllers and pads are loaded with incredible pre-produced sounds, bass lines and atmospheres which he mixes and arranges live on stage, while delivering fast and highly technical Drums & Bass stompers on his drum kit. His show has the flow of a DJ Mix with the excitement of a real live performance. He can easily be considered one of the hardest working drummers in the biz, not only because of the high speed Drums & Bass and Neurofunk he’s firing off, but also because of his multi-tasking skills!
At any given time, you can find Ydna:
Teaching: Ydna has taught at Yamaha Music Station, Hamburg School of Music, Music School Geesthacht, Music School Bargteheide, Music School Abenteuer Musik Eimsbüttel, Academy of Music Powell River, Larsen Music, Peninsula Academy of Music Arts Sidney, Long & McQuade Music Education Center Victoria, and is now the owner and instructor at Westshore Music Academy, Victoria B.C.

Gigging and Touring: Ydna has performed with many bands, including Garifin, Magic Colours, Popmachine, L.I.N.K., Mutron, Bubujah, David Pomerance, Nova Venus, Zoom, Tequila PG, Alex Nolze Band, Hamburg Soul Choir, So&So Jazz Band, Pfefferminz,  Soulattack, Pinx, Urban Vibes, Elephant Bangs Train, Brass Shark, Star Club Musical and many more.

Recording: Ydna has spent a lot of time in the studio recording with several bands (Garifin, Popmachine, L.I.N.K., Tequila PG, Urban Vibes, Songo Sanga), commercial recordings (Sesame Street, several corporate Jingles), latest recordings: “Drum & Bass Play-Alongs For The Wicked Drummer”, “Put the Bass in my Face” and Frequency and Fever’s “Fission”.

Publications: Ydna is the author of the “Breakbeat Guide”, “Drum Class” and the “Hi-Hat Master”, workshop author for the German Drum Magazine “Drumheads!” Founder of the successful You Tube channel “Jungleritter”, 5 million views, 13,000 subscribers and counting!


Five Fast Facts About Ydna
1. If you could put together your ultimate band – who would you choose?
Noisia with Foreign Beggars on vocals and myself on drums.

2. If you were putting together a world tour, where would your first stop be and why?
Hamburg, Germany! Because I spent most of my life there and I like many of the venues, especially “Fabrik”.

3. Who is your drumming idol and why?
Carter Beauford! His drumming with the Dave Matthews Band is solid, tight, groovy and just plain perfect plus he’s chewing gum all the time!

4. What one piece of gear do you absolutely have to have when you play?
Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad. It’s the best electronic instrument I’ve ever played, I wouldn’t want to play and perform without it any more.

5. Name three bands that you think should be on everyone’s playlist.
Noisia, Rage Against The Machine, The Prodigy
How Ydna uses his Roland SPD-SX
“I use the SPD-SX for Effects, Soundscapes and Vocal Samples. I’m also triggering 16 Bar long loops with a foot pedal for transitions between my scenes (songs). I also use the build in effect board a lot to manipulate the samples.

My SPD-SX is loaded with a big variation of sounds and loops, some are just one second long, others are up to one minute long. I produced a lot of 8 or 16 bar long atmospheric loops to help me add in some colour to my basic raw tracks. I also double or triple trigger the pads a lot (means I hit them a few times in a row) to created layered dub effects.”

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Website: www.drumgate.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/YdnaMurdDrumDJ
Videos (Live & Lessons): www.youtube.com/Jungleritter
Take lessons from Ydna!  www.westshoreacademy.ca