Who is Sébastien Plante?
“I’m the front man and lead singer for the band Les Respectables, and have been for more than 23 years now. Our brand new single Cette Fille has just reached the #1 spot on all charts across Québec!  So, we are on the verge of a nice BIG come-back and we cannot wait to go back into the studio and finish that new record of ours!

On my near quarter century of rocking, I have seen all kinds of gigs and have been on all types of stages, but you know what – I still bloody enjoy it!

Recently, I was approached by a great fellow who is the BOSS and Amplifier Sales Specialist here in Canada for Roland – Carl Langevin. We started to talk about gear and music (having owned of course both the famous BOSS over drive and tuner all my life) That’s when Carl introduced me to the BOSS BR-80. Wow. Exactly the kind of portable, easy to use device I’d been hoping to get my hands on for a long time. Not being much of a ‘techy’ myself , I’d always left whatever recording things to studios I would work in. The thing is, now I can easily lay down the ideas (couple of over takes) and ship them to the boys in the band, and doing all that on the go. I mean, with the G-5 in my hotel room and my Roland MICRO Cube, I can really do wonders! So to speak 😉


I am now looking at the BOSS Vocal Harmonist VE-2  for my one man show called Seb’s Music Shop, as well as the DM-2w Analog Delay, the BD-2w Blues Driver  and the amazing new SD-1w Super Overdrive . These really cover all my styles; Blues, Reggae and true Rock ‘n Roll . To be frank, I’ve always been a plug and play type of guy (old school I guess!) but I am so thrilled to tap into this new world of effects, it’s really a lot of fun. It’s for me very stimulating for both my live playing and my songwriting and recording. It changes my way of approaching a song or a solo, and it’s just so damn fun! It’s about time I treated myself to some great sound gimmicks!

I almost forgot to mention – what about that trendy, so down Loop Station. Now talk about a friend on a solo gig! That’s another thing I should have had my hands on a long time ago ! But I’m glad its happening now.”

Five Fast Facts About Sébastien Plante
What is your favorite venue you’ve played to date and why?

It would have to be Le Capitole de Québec. But don’t get me wrong , the Ottawa Stadium , the Skydome or the Royal Albert Hall in London were all great to to see concerts . Now that I think of it, the most intense gig we ever did (besides opening for The Stones at the Bell Center back in 2003!) may very well be the Whiskey A Go Go in 2010 . I mean, man, the vibe in there was just… out of this world!

What’s your dream guitar?

Apart from the Roland G-5 VG Stratocaster guitar I now own which allows me to do so many different things! Old classics of mine are the ’52 Tele, the 335 and my brand new Firebird! Hell yeah!

seb and the stonesWhat’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?

My first Stones show in ’89 and my last one in 2013. And all others in between! (Kidding a little but not much!)

I’ve seen so many… wait a minute! Paul McCartney in my hometown of Québec last Summer. What a voyage that was! Very, very intense!

Where do you see the music industry in 5 years?

Many followers, but more and more Artists doing things their way actually. Being more and more original.  And I think there’s no more ‘one model’ to follow to be successful in the music industry. You’ve gotta be more and more creative and I think its great that way. There’s no ‘one way to win’ any more.

How does it feel to have the #1 song in Quebec? 

Feels GREAT!!!  Didn’t expect it though!  We just thought “let’s put a new song out there and slowly get back into the process of making a new record.” Well now, it feels more like a genuine ‘come-back’ so to speak .

We are just so eager to get back in the ring. I have a feeling this new record may very well may be the best one we’ve done in over a decade!!
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Les Respectables are going back to the studio in November of this year to start work on their newest record as well as a brand new English single with their long time partner and mentor – Gordie Johnson of Big Sugar. Look for new music from Les Respectables before the end of 2014.