Kelsey is a new voice on Winnipeg’s jazz music scene. She is a passionate singer-songwriter with a big voice and a lot to give. She has studied with Heitha Forsyth and currently with Erin Propp, but will soon begin studies at the University of Manitoba Jazz Program in fall 2014.

She has taken multiple types of music lessons since she was a small child, but got into jazz in her later schooling years. Jazz has become a leading part in her life, something that is fulfilling and exciting! Kelsey is an upbeat person who likes to laugh and that comes across when she’s performing.

Five Fast Facts about Kelsey
1. Which jazz vocal greats would you love to meet?

Sarah Vaughan definitely. I really love her because I can connect with her music. Having artists to look up to and relate to is really important to me. Billie Holiday is also a great influence on me. Just like Sarah, I feel like I can connect with her through her music and it’s very comfortable for me to sing along or imitate her. Just the opportunity of being able to talk to both women about their lives and what inspired them would be amazing!!!

2. Why do you love your RD-700?

My piano lets me set free what’s in my mind, express myself, create music. It’s also amazing because of how many things I can do with it. I spend a lot of the time just playing around with everything and I’m surprised at how much freedom I have to create! It’s portable and lastly I really like the way it feels when I play because the keys are weighted.

3. What keeps you inspired?

It has to do with my strong emotional connection with music. Whenever I’m feeling anxious or anything really, I can sit down and play or sing and it is just so comfortable, easy and reassuring as an artist to just freely create and express yourself in such an open and real way. Also when I look at my instructors and favorite artists and what they have achieved, I just want to be as amazing as them and make them proud! It makes me so happy that I’m able to work towards being what I just dreamed of being as a kid!

4. What three things would you pack in your suitcase for a cross-country road trip?

  • Dark chocolate enrobed mangoes – Oh my good god I cannot get enough
  • My iPod
  • Good books and Sudoku

5. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I have always wanted to visit The United Kingdom, something about how old and beautiful the architecture is, specifically London. I really hope to go there soon, and if I love it as much as I think I will, move there eventually.


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