For the last 6 years, drumming has been Austin Warren’s passion. Hailing from Calgary, AB, Austin is currently the drummer for the band Cardinal, which is working on an album to be released in early 2015. Austin currently plays a Seven Drumworks kit and a Roland TD-15KS V-Drums kit.

“The Roland is the most versatile instrument I have ever owned. It gives me the ability to make any sound I want in any piece of music – at any volume. This thing is literally a percussive wizard. I hook it up to my computer directly via USB and I can record the V-Drums directly for my drum covers. I previously owned a TD-12, but I really enjoy the upgraded features on the TD-15 such as the fully functional hi-hat and the electronics of the module itself. I rarely touch a practice pad now that I have a silent drum kit that doubles as a recording studio! I use DW 9000 pedals with skateboard grip tape on my Roland kit. Looks super slick!”

Five Fast Facts About Austin
What is your favorite holiday song? 

I’ve never been a huge holiday music person, but the first song that comes to mind is “Carol of The Bells” by August Burns Red because Matt Greiner is an incredible musician. If you’re a drummer I would definitely recommend watching him play!

What would your dream NYE gig be?

My dream NYE gig would have to be Times Square. Seriously though. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?!

austin cardinal drumWhat three things are a must-have for every performance?

Three things I always need for my performances are my Plunge Audio custom in ear monitors, Vic Firth 5B drumsticks, and my Meinl cymbals… because I left for a gig without them last week and I missed them so much haha!

What gear is on your wish list for Santa?

If I could choose anything for Christmas it would be a new Roland cymbal for my TD-15KS to spice up my new videos!

What musical New Year’s resolutions do you have for 2015?

My musical resolution for 2015 is to release a new drum video every two weeks. I’ve been very focused on my band, Cardinal, but playing alone has always been my strong suit.
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