There’s more to the Roland MH-2 PowerPly mesh heads than meets the eye. Plenty of V-Drums players will welcome these Remo-produced two-ply heads as the perfect replacements for their worn-out heads. But as this video tutorial reveals, they’re also a crafty addition to a traditional acoustic kit, fitting onto the kick, snare and tom shells, and opening up all kinds of possibilities.

Why would you want to fit PowerPly drum heads onto your acoustic kit? We’ll give you two good reasons. First off, PowerPly mesh heads have a much quieter response than regular heads, so you can practise hard on your acoustic kit in situations where you’d normally have to hold back.

Plus, for adventurous players, PowerPly mesh heads are the first step in creating a ‘hybrid’ drum kit (that is, a kit that combines the look and vibe of acoustic drums with the sonic possibilities of digital). As you’ll learn from our video, it’s a simple case of unscrewing the rim of your acoustic shells, fitting the PowerPly heads, replacing the rim – then fitting Roland RT-30 acoustic drum triggers onto the shells and hooking up to a sound module.

Granted, the dedicated V-Pads on a V-Drums kit are still the ultimate choice for expression and playability. But fitting PowerPly mesh heads to your acoustic shells is a great option for unlocking digital sounds, too, as their two-ply construction means you get super-accurate triggering that just isn’t possible with the single-ply heads on the market. Watch and learn…