It’s the final week of our Pedal Juice promotion! 

Until April 30th, purchase a BOSS BD-2W, SD-1W, BB-1X, RC-1, or TU-3 pedal and receive a FREE Sanyo Pedal Juice.

Sanyo Pedal Juice

Equipped with eneloop rechargeable lithium-ion battery technology, the Sanyo Pedal Juice provides stable, long-lasting 9-volt power for analog and digital effects and other electronic music gear. Compact and rugged, the unit offers up to 50 hours of power at a time, and can be fully recharged in around 3.5 hours using the included AC adaptor. It’s also extremely quiet, as its design eliminates noise and hum that can sometimes occur when pedals are powered with external AC supplies.

Pedal Juice features a three-stage power indicator, so you can easily monitor the remaining power level as you play. And with the handy front-panel power switch, you’re able to turn the power of all connected effects on or off with a single press.

The actual power life of a fully charged Pedal Juice will vary depending on the current draw of the devices you have connected to it. Fortunately, most common pedals have current demands of 50 mA or less, so you should be able to get through two or more gigs between charges with a typical pedal setup. Pedal Juice can also work with digital pedals that require more current, but your playing time will be more limited with these power-hungry devices. (Refer to the documentation that comes with the Pedal Juice for proper operation and device compatibility information.)

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