Jason Bowld using the Roland BT-1 Bar Trigger Pad - Electronic Drums | Roland UK

Drummer Jason Bowld (Session, Killing Joke, Axe Wound, Pop will Eat Itself) shows us how he incorporates electronic percussion into his acoustic drum set-up

Adding electronics to an acoustic drum kit opens up new possibilities for a killer drum sound. It’s not only your acoustic drums you ‘ll be hearing; by adding electronics into your drum kit you’ll have thousands of additional drum and percussion sounds, even samples, under your stick. It’s musically possible to do just about anything with a hybrid drum set-up, and Jason gives us a great example in this video.

The BT-1 Bar Trigger Pad is a trigger perfect for the Hybrid set-up. It can either be fitted to an acoustic drum via the tension rod (as Jason is doing here), or can be fitted to L-rod attachments on the kit. All you need to do is choose what sound you want to trigger when you hit your BT-1 – whether it’s from a V-Drums module or a Percussion Pad.

In this video, Jason has connected his BT-1s to a TMC-6 Trigger to MIDI converter. The TMC-6 is connected to DAW software on his laptop. Every time Jason hits the BT-1, the trigger signal is converted to MIDI which then sends a MIDI signal to the software on the laptop. All Jason has to do then is choose which sound or sample he wants to hear when the pad is played.

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