“The opportunity to play with other people is very important because I think we get too insular as piano students, too focused on ourselves” Bramwell stated, highlighting the importance of playing as an ensemble for piano students.

GRAMMY® and Juno® award-winning conductor/composer Bramwell Tovey is the Music Director of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and the Artistic Adviser of the VSO School of Music. The school is a state-of-the-art facility and recital hall which opened in downtown Vancouver in 2011 next to the Orpheum, the VSO’s historic home.

We sat down with Bramwell, during the rehearsal for the first ever Gala of the VSO School of Music. The event featured a performance of VSO School of Music students. It was highlighted by an astounding 40 piano students all playing on one stage together at once. The students played 20 Roland FP-80 Digital Pianos, which allowed them to all fit on stage together and perform.

Bramwell added “I think it’s so wonderful in a music environment to see kids expressing themselves, expressing what is essentially their inner narrative.” We think so too, Bramwell. Congratulations on an astounding night of music!

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FP-80 Digital Piano