gr-55 Recently, we received a call from the owner of a GK-equipped Stratocaster and a GR-09 guitar synth. He was interested in buying a GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer but didn’t like the factory presets and sent it back to the store (hate it when that happens!). It is not uncommon for players to want to program their own sounds, as the factory presets are suggestions that show extreme uses of the GR-55 and the many possibilities of creating sounds. However, in the real world of playing current pop music in a band or playing in a cover band at weddings, which in many cases demands a repertoire of music spanning 30-40 years or more, the need for other quality, but uneffected, guitar tones take precedence. One resource for alternate patches or sounds is the GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer Artist Patches page with many useful sounds designed by great guitarists like Eric Johnson, Rob Marcello and Slash. You can also find other commonly requested patches like Clean, Acoustic and Alternate tunings. All of these may be downloaded at no charge and loaded into the User Bank of the GR-55 using the Roland included GR-55 librarian software, or there is an excellent shareware program for programming the GR-55. In it’s simplest usage, the GR-55 is a repository of some of BOSS’ best guitar effects like reverb, delay and chorus that sound great blended with your favourite guitar and amplifier; taken to the extreme, the GR-55 provides the perfect wedding band accompaniment sounds, if Lady Gaga and Marilyn Manson were getting hitched (hopefully he doesn’t faint again!). That is the beauty and the largely undiscovered potential of the GR-55! Check out how to set up the GR-55 Librarian, back up user patches, and load downloaded patches onto the GR-55 here.