darren-and-issahHi, Darren here from Roland Canada. I’m here at Musikmesse with our Canadian V-Drums Champion Issah Contractor, as he gets ready to hit the stage here in Frankfurt for the title of V-Drums World Champion!

The first day of Musikmesse and the V-Drums World Championship prep was thrilling!  The day started out at a meeting with all the contestants from around the world gathered into a private room to greet one another and to discuss the itinerary leading up to tomorrow’s event.  This time of introductions was magical as global cultures faded and a bonding community of drummers appeared creating a family of like-minded people who share the same passion for drums and music. (Or in this case… V-Drums!)   Stories were being told of personal performing experiences, contact info exchanged, drumming ideas shared, and an energy of enthusiasm filled the room as the contestants inspired and supported each other.  There were no signs of competition at this point, just the beginning of new found friendships and camaraderie.  Next, each drummer’s set up was discussed and reviewed in dress rehearsal-like fashion.  Hardware was being adjusted, program data was being tweaked, and USB drives were being filled with back-up data ready for show time in 24 hrs.  Exciting stuff!  This gathering time for networking is the real essence of the V-Drums World Championship!  Everyone wins.

issah-rehearsingImmediately after this meeting and with other contestants in tow, Issah and I headed for the Roland booth in Halle 5, a near marathon away at the other side of the Messe.  Did I mention this show is massive!?  The Roland booth was already buzzing with a flurry of activity; the presenters doing their thing and the products wowing the onlookers.  It was fun to watch the contestants’ eyes bulge out of their heads as they were inspired to be a part of this well-oiled machine called Roland. More magic!  From there we took in as much of the show as we could,  and we were all totally inspired and overwhelmed at the same time.  This is the world’s biggest candy store for any musician, and there we were standing in it.  Mind boggling to say the least, but exhilarating!  After that, we all headed back to our meeting room to take our place for rehearsal and preliminary set up.  We worked through all the details and all was good to go. Next stop – the V-Drums World Championship stage!

This is going to be incredible!  It already is.  Make sure you tune in at 10:30am PST and cheer on Issah!