Our first East Coast Music Awards artist feature is electronic duo PINEO & LOEB, the winners of Electronic Recording of the Year! Roland Canada had the honour of presenting this award, as well as being a part of the Electronic/Hip-Hop stage at the festival. We had a chance to talk with the duo and their guest performer Sparkee about the awards, debut album LIFEBLOOD, and what’s next – check it out below!

An interview with ECMA Electronic Recording of the Year Winners PINEO & LOEB

Fresh off of touring Western Canada, Halifax duo PINEO & LOEB came into the East Coast Music Awards on a high. After tour, they quickly started rehearsing for their much-anticipated performance, practicing until they had blisters on their hands. Their ECMA showcase was months in the making –  featuring tons of collaborations and appearances from other talented artists. Congratulations to PINEO & LOEB on their stellar performance and ECMA win!

How does it feel to be nominated?

We’re so happy, this is the fourth time we’ve been nominated. It makes you feel that what you’ve done is real. It’s great to have [the awards] in our hometown – the perfect way for it to work out for us. It’s always fun to travel and cause mayhem in the small towns [that past ECMA festivals] have been hosted in, but we can do the best, biggest show in Halifax. We always enjoy [the ECMA award show], the performances were amazing.

You’ve been making music together for quite some time. How did you come together?

We both started individually. We met at a show that we were DJing at separately, and we both liked what the other was playing. We thought that we would work well together, so we played the next show that we had together as a duo. It was so natural, it just kind of happened.

What are your biggest influences?

All over the place! We’re really into 20th century music and mixing it with the 21st century. We love the soul of older music – like funk, disco and rock, and then mixing it with new, Deadmau5-like big electronic production.

How did it feel to release your first album, LIFEBLOOD, together?

Amazing. There was so much work put into this, so many collaborations. It was awesome to bring together all of these chances, flukes, and coincidences that developed into these whole new songs. It’s like a memory book in a way, each song is associated with a memory – it’s beautiful, so therapeutic. It’s so cool to present it as one cohesive thing.

It was cool bring in all of these characters from the Canadian electronic music scene like Skratch Bastid and Ashley MacIsaac. There were so many unique collaborators and sounds – but we tied it all together into one thing.

How has the scene here been supporting you?

The great thing about the Halifax music scene is that it’s not super competitive – you can really zone in on what you want to do, and everyone is supportive. Everyone’s down to give a helping hand – we even all live on the same street! There’s always international touring artists within a kilometer of us. The energy alone of seeing these people and hearing them practice all day is so great because everyone is able to focus on themselves and be good at what they do.

[PINEO & LOEB] is a passion project. It’s all we do. Without Music Nova Scotia and Arts Nova Scotia we couldn’t have done our album, we’re so thankful.

What’s your favourite song off of the new album?

Most people have told us that “Circles (feat. Kayo)” is their favourite. It’s the most ubiquitous song – a happy, pop dance track. We just found out that it was placed on an episode of Star on FOX! It’s probably the most universal [song on the album].

That being said, it really depends on what mood you’re in. We have songs for when you’re sad, self-reflecting, going crazy, all the heavy stuff – it’s really important for us to cover all of this, so when it comes time for a banger song it really feels right and that we’re not doing one thing.

What can we expect from your performance?

Our friend Sparkee is going to be doing all of the songs on guitar. It’s May 4th, so we have a special Star Wars “May the 4th be with you’ intro! We’ll also have Kayo singing on “Circles”, Adam Warren on “Ahead By a Century”, Ashley MacIsaac on fiddle, Dub Kartel on “LIFEBLOOD”, so many guests. We’ll have drums, guitar, DJing, cool visuals, everything – we’re going to take you on a trip of pop culture overload.

What Roland gear are you using?

The Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad! We always have it.

What’s next for you?

We have a new song “Feel It” coming out with Sparkee on May 11th, which samples Deadmau5’s response to Sparkee’s remix of his song “Strobe” with the “impossible bassline”. It’s crazy. Deadmau5 actually called “Feel It” the most over-used line in dance music, it’s kind of funny.



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