Acoustic meets electronic with the next step in Roland Hybrid Innovation.

EC-10 EL Cajon

One of the most basic and traditional percussion instruments is the cajon. Some people call it the “poor man’s drum kit”.  Basically, the cajon is a wooden box.

It doesn’t get any simpler than sitting on a box and slapping it with bare hands.  In recent years, music has gone back to the basics with a re-birth of acoustic guitar driven songs and the cajon is becoming a popular instrument that has moved to the forefront of the stage, even replacing full drum sets and percussion set ups.   It has since become the most popular selling hand percussion instrument in recent years.  Today, Roland takes the cajon a step further and opens the door of possibility and creativity with the introduction of the EC-10 Electronic Layered Cajon.

The EC-10 is a true hybrid instrument combining acoustic and electronic in one.  It’s an acoustic instrument first – a box made of Sapele wood with all the organic features, look, sound, and feel of a traditional cajon.  Add Roland’s famous electronic triggering technology with a sound engine that includes a collection of traditional world instruments and modern electronic sounds, and you get a unique and inspiring percussion instrument.   It’s truly the first of its kind.

Acoustically, it sounds great with rich lows and crisp highs that speak with intensity.  It also maintains the traditional cajon design.  It includes a built-in speaker and amplification with volume control to blend in the layered sounds with its acoustic sound.  It is also lightweight, includes a carrying handle, and is battery powered making it super easy to take and play anywhere.

EC-10 EL Cajon

Two independent triggers are mounted inside the EC-10, one near the center and one near the top edge for triggering two sounds.  A nice variety of sounds designed to support a wide range of music and playing styles adds versatility. The EC-10 easily fits into any playing situation. Use it for recording in the studio with its onboard enhanced cajon sounds or play it live using its Line Out jack to send the layered sounds to the P.A. Take it to the streets and busk,  or jam in the house with friends and family.   It’s also a great tool for writing song ideas with bandmates whether it be for traditional or modern music.

Since the EC-10 has a Line Out feature, it can be connected to other gear like a BOSS RC Series Loop Station for loads of fun and creativity. Or you can use it with an effects unit for even further sound creation.   The EC-10 also has a Line Input which allows you to connect an audio source for song play along.   Be your own band!

The feeling you get when playing the EC-10 is immediate.  It’s a real cajon and it is super fun!  Anyone and everyone will enjoy playing the EL Cajon.

darren thumbnailDarren Schoepp is the Percussion Product Marketing Manager for Roland Canada. Follow Darren on Twitter – @canadavdrumsguy.