Dorothy on their Freedom Tour, new album and partnering with BOSS


Los Angeles rock group Dorothy made a stop in Vancouver, BC as part of their 2018 Freedom Tour to promote their upcoming album, 28 Days in the Valley. The band, comprised of Dorothy Martin, Jason Ganberg, Eliot Lorango, Nick Maybury and Eli Wulfmeier, is set to release the record on March 16th with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. The forthcoming album was produced, engineered, and co-written by rockstar producer Linda Perry, who also manages the band. Dorothy will release this album fresh off of a high from its predecessor, ROCKISDEAD, which dropped in 2016 to wide acclaim. To top it off, the band was also previously crowned one of Rolling Stone’s Best New Artists of 2014.



Dorothy teamed up with BOSS to scout out local talent to open for the band on each date of their Freedom Tour. We chat with frontwoman Dorothy Martin about the initiative, the new album, and their favourite Roland/BOSS gear. Read the interview below!



First off, congratulations on the new album, how does it feel sharing the new music with fans on tour?

Thank you! It’s amazing, the response has been super positive.


What is the inspiration behind the album?

This album was quite a spiritual journey for everyone involved. We are really proud of this body of work. I wanted to intuitively write these songs and see where the music would take me.


How do you feel this album differs from ROCKISDEAD?

This album showcases a softer, more feminine side. I was able use to my voice in many different ways this time around. I didn’t rely on just one approach.


How did it feel to work with Linda Perry as a producer on this record?

Linda Perry has been an incredible mentor and guiding force. Writing with her is so fun and eye opening. She really pulls the feeling out of you.


Did you feel any pressure to repeat the success of songs like “Down to the Bottom”?

I didn’t feel any pressure whatsoever. This was about evolving, not going back and trying to re-create something from the past. I’ve learned to let the past go and accept where the music takes me now. I love what I’ve done but I’m really excited about where this is going.



You’re partnering with BOSS for this tour to scout out local talent to open for you in each city. What sparked this idea?

I have to give Linda Perry the credit for our local openers. When she explained it to me I was immediately on board, because as an artist we must support each other and we must support local music. That’s where it all starts. We are incredibly grateful to Roland and BOSS for their support as well.


What’s been the best part about this experience?

Seeing local acts and how grateful and excited they are, as well as meeting our fans face to face. We feel so much love from them, they can turn the stormiest day around into one of positivity and appreciation.


Any particular pieces of BOSS or Roland gear that the band is loving on tour?

Eli Wulfmeier loves the BOSS PH-1 Phaser pedal as well as the BOSS GE-7 Graphic Equalizer pedal. The BOSS WAZA CRAFT amps look really dope on stage, and the BOSS DM-2W Delay pedal also plays a big part in the live shows.

Did you use any BOSS or Roland gear in the studio making the new record?

Nick Maybury used a variety of pedals in the studio, and Eli Wulfmeier used the DM-2W Delay and the PH-1 Phaser.

What are your plans for after the Freedom Tour?

After the Freedom Tour we are looking to do a summer tour. Furthermore, I can’t wait to visit Europe as well as South America, so we want to keep this show on the road. We are putting out the video for Flawless, taking this leg of the tour into SXSW, and I’m doing some voiceover work.



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