Branching from an acoustic kit to an electronic kit may seem like a daunting task. Modules, sample pads, triggers – where do you start?

There are several ways you can make the leap from an acoustic kit to an electronic kit, but if you are just looking to stick your toe in the water before you make the committment to go all the way in, there are many options you can consider.
Hybrid Components
There are a few different components you can add to your kit that are easy to use and as well as a cost-effective way to start building your hybrid kit.

TM-2Roland TM-2 Trigger Module

With its ultra-compact size, simple operation, and very affordable price, the TM-2 gives you an easy way to start incorporating electronic components to your acoustic drum kit. It mounts quickly and unobtrusively onto any stand or drum rack using standard hardware.  The TM-2 is equipped with a multitude of sounds that will take your inspiration to the next level and if you need more, you can even add your own sounds!


bt-1Roland BT-1 Bar Trigger Pad

Featuring a unique design, the BT-1 can be mounted to the side of a drum or on most traditional hardware stands.  The BT-1 is great not only for playing sounds in a V-Drums module or SPD-series percussion pad, but also for convenient control of a variety of functions like start/stop of backing songs and phrase loops, and much more.


rtRoland RT-10K/S/T Acoustic Drum Triggers

These triggers are designed specifically for kick drums(RT-10K),  snare drums (RT-10S), and toms (RT-10T).


Hybrid Bundles
If you’re ready to take your hybrid kit to the next level – bundle up!  Here’s four examples of ways you can bundle up the hybrid components to get the ultimate beginner hybrid kit based on your needs and style of playing.
Go-To Pack = 1 x TM-2, 1 x RT-10K, 1 x BT-1

Best of both worlds, triggering enhancement sounds from the kick drum and triggering other drum sounds, effects, samples, loops, or sequences from the BT-1. The journeyman’s tool kit for all needs!
Metal Pack = 1 x TM-2, 2 x RT-10K

For metal drummers wanting to enhance their kick drum sound with more attack or more drum end to improve definition and power when playing fast double kick patterns. Single bass drum players get a spare trigger or can use both to trigger two sounds simultaneously!
Percussion Pack = 1 x TM-2, 1 X BT-1
3Add to your performance by triggering percussion sounds, sound effects, samples, loops or sequences using strategically placed BT-1s. Expand your sound palette!
Standard Pack = 1 x TM-2, 1 x RT-1oK, 1 x RT-10S

Trigger your kick and snare with enhancement sounds, hand claps, and sound effects to layer with your acoustic sound.  Great for cover bands to play all the sounds from the original recordings!

Once you’ve started on your path to your ultimate hybrid kit, the possibilities for sound creation are endless!