The RC-505 is one of my favorite products from BOSS since the release of the RC-300 Loop Station. This device has allowed me to express myself in a completely different way – using my hands instead of my feet! It provides me with increased mobility for my other instruments while enabling me to focus on my music from the waist up.

How She Uses It:

I use the RC-505 in a couple of ways. Firstly, I love to sing a cappella and layer my vocals into a doo-wop or scat-style, which acts as the foundation for my lead vocal-line. With the five adjustable tracks provided by the device, I can simply track and loop what vocals I want to control. I like manipulating the volume of each individual track as well. This gives me a natural sounding fade-in / fade-out effect.

I also use the RC-chersea-at-alibi-4-jpeg505 with several instruments. The easy-to-use interface of the RC-505 quickly and effectively indicates what tracks are active with a colorful array of movement on the board. The comprehensive color coding is a fantastic addition to this device! It makes the RC-505 VERY straight forward and esthetically appealing for me as a performer (as well as my audience!). Additionally, the effects on the RC-505 are completely customizable. I can change the tempo of the effect, the pitch, and how it is applied to each of my tracks via the different effects options.

Her Fav Features:

The Slicer: Creates a dancey, choppy vocal-line (you must talk slowly to get the words across!). Can also be used with different instruments to give a steady beat to a single note. I find this is best used in simple multiples of 4/4 timing.

The Classic Reverb: The reverb on this device has a very clean quality. The duration of the reverb’s ‘hold’ is customizable and can be used in combination with other effects.

Guitar to Bass Function: Can be applied to your vocals to make them sound low and bassy. If you have a higher-ranged synthesizer or a trumpet, you can lower the frequency of their sounds by using this function.

The Robot Effect: This effect is amazing and quite fun! With this effect, you can change your voice into a robot or create this monotone robotic phrasing with different instruments. You can also use it to create a “wind-down” effect for the end of your song.

Repeat Function: Try applying this feature to your tracks for an EDM-like build-up that would most likely be followed-up by a bass drop in a live performance setting. It is also great for repeating a phrase of music that forces the listener to listen to it. This may help you gain fans, or lose them – but that is the beauty of this product!

Closing Thoughts:

The BOSS RC-505 is unique among other loop stations because it makes looping accessible for every type of musician. It could be used by an a cappella songstress, an edgy rapper, an electro artist who wants to add live “acoustic” elements to his/her set, beat-boxers, or even the musicians who want to take their performances one step closer to that full-band sound. You can BE the band with this multi-faceted device; everything you need is at your fingertips!

Video credit: Green Couch Productions