The Roland HS-5 Session Mixer may very well be the answer to many of your band’s musical dilemmas. Whether you are rehearsing with your band in your basement, recording in the studio, or performing live on stage, the HS-5 has some very useful features that bring your musical experience over the top.
1. Rehearsing
First and foremost, the HS-5 is the perfect rehearsal mixer.  It allows up to four musicians and a line level device (i.e. MP3 Player) to connect, allowing each musician to have their own personal volume settings.  Everyone listens to their personal mix through their own headphone output.  Do note, if you have more than four musicians in your band, two HS-5’s can be linked together to double the amount of connectable musicians (up to eight).  Think about it . . . marathon jams can go into the wee hours of the night without disturbing the kids or the neighbours!

2. Recording
The HS-5 can help you capture your music in two ways – directly to a USB flash drive, or via USB connection to your computer.  Apart from each musician’s personal mix, there is a Master Mix that is routed out the main outputs.  The master mix can be recorded as a WAV file directly to a connected USB flash drive.  If you want even more control over your recording the HS-5 can become a five channel USB audio interface for your computer.  This allows each musician connected to record onto their own separate track utilizing multitrack recording software (not included).

3. Live

HS5_STAND croppedOnstage monitor mixing just got real for everyone.  Since the HS-5 is capable of providing a personal mix for everyone connected, it can serve as the perfect, super compact, stage monitor solution.  Connect in-ear monitors or headphones and every band member can hear their performance mix the way they want it.  And don’t forget, the HS-5 has a USB Audio Song Recorder!  What’s stopping you from recording your live performance?

In all, the HS-5 is a very capable session mixer.  It’s not just for rehearsing.  You can take it with you into the studio, but also use it on stage.  There’s even a built in click track that can be sent to any channel, and built in effects – amp simulation for guitar and bass, compression/delay for vocals, and reverb for the crowd.  Every band should have an HS-5, it’s the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of mixers!


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Adrian Marsi is the Pro Keyboards & DJ Product Marketing Manager for Roland Canada. Follow Adrian on twitter – @rcmsynthguy.